Plug-and-play GPS receiver with integrated high sensitivity 18x18 mm patch antenna, SAW filter, additional LNA, flash memory, GNSS core, RTC and TCXO.


An ultra-compact 13.1x14.3 mm footprint (NE310L2-W1 version) for integration in size-constrained devices.
2G fallback with a 15x18 mm form factor (NE310L2-WW) to ensure the best service in regions with mixed NB-IoT and 2G network coverage

PQSense Technology is formed by elites from Taiwan, U.S.A, China and Poland with their deep roots in electric power applications, and RFID sensing technology. PQSense Technology focuses on developing electric power temperature monitoring products, striving to push the best products into practice for Smart Grids around the world.

We focus on technological innovation, product innovation, striving for innovative electric power sensing applications.

ROGER-GPS is specialized in Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) repeating technology. GNSS comprises systems such as GPS, Glonass, Galileo and BeiDou.

ROGER-GPS proven system concept enables the use of GNSS repeater devices and services in places where it was previously impossible.

Our customers include a wide range of users who need GNSS signal reception or time synchronization. Users like telecom, public safety, defense, transport, airlines, logistics and companies manufacturing, selling and servicing GNSS systems, receivers, terminals and services.

A Fully Integrated, Dual-Band, Combination Wi-Fi and BLE 5.0 Module.

The WE310G4 provides high-speed Wi-Fi/BLE connectivity as a stand-alone solution or connected to a microcontroller.

Włącznik OFF-ON, bistabilny. Otwór montażowy: 22.0 x 19.3 mm. Prąd: 10A/250VAC. Sekcje: 2 NO. Podświetlenie: neon 230V.